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Cancer Research Behind the CC Formula

Several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, at an industry level, have discovered immunotherapy technologies that have yielded a number of compounds that hold promise for millions of cancer sufferers. However, the developer of the CC formula believes that he has found a potential solution that is unique in its application delivery system, non-invasive characteristics, and in its mode of action, which may eliminate the non-functioning cells associated with many serious diseases.

The developer of the CC formula is committed to immunotherapy development, specifically moving non-invasive, targeted anti-cancer therapies through development and into markets where significant unmet medical needs exist such as disenfranchised cancer and other serious diseases.

The developer is supporting extremely promising research focused on developing and commercializing innovative immunotherapy technology in the United States and in international markets. We are currently conducting research on the CC Treatment, a proprietary patent-application formulation. The purpose of the cancer research is to determine the effectiveness of the formula in identifying and/or treating certain types of non-performing cells in humans and other animals.

The developer believes that it is possible to also formulate a product version using transdermal patches. This version may also be useful as a diagnostic tool in alerting the subject to the presence or existence of cancerous cells in the body even when there are no visual manifestations or other symptoms. A further goal is to alert the body’s defenses, including the immune system, to eliminate and expel mutated cells from a human’s or animal’s body through the skin or as bodily waste.

Further cancer research is needed to validate the company’s belief that cancerous cells are not typically recognized by the body as being a serious danger because the mutated cells contain the subject’s DNA and cancer typically is masked by a protective sheath and therefore is not attacked by the immune system to an extent that the body would eliminate the proliferation of these cells.

The Krebs cycle is a charting of the metabolic pathways that healthy plant or animal cells must follow to perform all functions supporting life. There are approximately 32 steps in the process. The steps allow for the exclusion of excessive amounts of materials, including minerals and other nutrients unless totally overwhelmed (too much salt, etc.). Cancer cells do not follow the Krebs cycle, having only about 18 steps and absorbing all foods (particularly sugars).

Cancer will also absorb minerals such as zinc and copper and the concentrations in The CC formula is toxic to the cancer cells, causing cancer to die.

The surrounding healthy tissues following the Krebs cycle take up the amounts of zinc and copper needed to function and excrete the excess minerals.

Following the Krebs 32 steps versus the 18 steps that cancer and other diseases follow, saves, and replenishes minerals in normal healthy tissue while killing the mutated cells.

The developer believes that its formula is able to transport highly available minerals to target cancers or any kind of mutated cell and kill only those mutated cells, leaving the healthy normal cells surrounding the disease functioning without disruption. Further, a sheath of bacterial cells (also non-Krebs cycle) often surrounds a cancerous mass of cells. The minerals will penetrate and kill the bacterial cells in this shield that has protected cancer within from detection by the immune system, and destroy that sheath. The mass of cancer cells is then exposed to the immune system — hopefully a strong immune system — which will then join in to destroy the exposed cancer cells as well.

The most common anti-cancer drug therapies typically address cancers within a specific organ as a single disease as opposed to treating cancer as a collection of different disease subtypes, often resulting in poor response rates with a minimal effect on overall survival. The oncology community is increasingly recognizing that tumors in a particular organ have unique pathologic and molecular characteristics that may warrant different treatment strategies.

CC formula is unique in that our non-clinical trials indicate that, with a diseased subject’s CC Treatment, varying demonstrable reactions give visual evidence that the disease is being eliminated from the subject’s body while treatment on healthy individuals showed no reaction whatsoever.

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