Does the product provide a permanent cure for any medical condition?

Further research is needed to validate the company’s belief that;
Many non-typically cells are not recognized by the body as being a serious danger because; the “mutated” cells contain the subject’s DNA and are masked by a protective sheath and therefore are not attacked by the immune system to an extent that it would eliminate the proliferation of these cells. The formulation’s delivery system utilizes a unique technology that enables an exothermic reaction between a strong acid and base that form a biological complex that binds with the Zinc and Copper ions and carries the minerals to the target areas. This unique structure becomes a highly efficient transport system since the ionic minerals are loosely-bounded and therefore are highly bio-available.

The ingredients are quickly transported across semipermeable membranes and the free mineral ions can immediately be absorbed by diseased or healthy tissues at very low concentrations. Other methods of delivering minerals, such as those bound in salts, have great difficulty reaching the target cells. The haphazard organization of the mineral ions in such compounds is inefficient, taking much higher concentrations of such compounds’ without the superior results our technology has achieved.

The Krebs cycle is a charting of the metabolic pathways that healthy plant or animal cells must follow to perform all functions supporting life. There are approximately thirty-two (32) steps in the process. The steps allow for the exclusion of excessive amounts of materials including minerals and other nutrients unless totally overwhelmed (too much salt, etc.).

Mutated or non-typical cells do not follow the Krebs cycle with only about eighteen (18) steps and absorb all foods (particularly sugars). These cells will also absorb minerals such as Zinc and Copper, however, the high concentrations (as included in our formulation) are toxic to these mutated, non-performing cells, causing them to die. The surrounding healthy tissues, following the Krebs cycle, take up the amounts of Zinc and Copper needed to function more efficiently and excrete the excess minerals. Following the Krebs 32 steps, versus the 18 steps that diseased cells follow, saves, and replenishes minerals in normal healthy tissue while killing the mutated cells.

In summary, we believe that our technology is able to transport highly available Zinc and Copper to a multitude of target diseases, as several types of non-typical, non-functioning, and/or mutated cells and kill ONLY those cells, leaving the healthy, normal cells surrounding the disease functioning without disruption.

Further, a sheath of cells (also non-Krebs cycle) often surrounds metastasized cells. The highly bioavailable Zinc and Copper should penetrate and kill the cells in this shield, that has protected the diseased cells within from the detection of the immune system, and destroy that sheath. The mass of diseased cells is then exposed to the immune system which will then join in to destroy the exposed mutated cells.

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