How do I apply and use the formula?

Do not touch or expose the material to metal. Using a wooden or plastic applicator or a clean hand, liberally and evenly apply approximately a 0.5 mm thick (light) coating of the formula over the affected area. As a minimum treatment, apply once and cover with a non-allergenic bandage for three days. For “maximum treatment”, apply three (3) times each day until any reactions subside and two (2) times each week thereafter as we believe that this level of continued use may help to discover and/or prevent a reoccurrence of the condition. Allow the formula to be absorbed into the skin naturally; it is not necessary to “rub” it into the skin; it should be completely absorbed within twenty (20) minutes. Do not rinse or wash the treated area or shower for at least two (2) hours. Do not use a metal applicator or allow metal (including rings) to contact the material. Each participant should have a reference number and non-mandatory reporting is preferable.

Subjects (you) are required to follow the directions issued with each dose of the formula exactly. General instructions will require that you place a portion of the formula topically (on your skin) as close to the area of concern as possible; in cases of internal diseases or tumors, it is recommended that a larger (uncovered) area is treated. In the case of skin lesions, it is suggested that you place the ingredients directly on the lesion and cover it with a non-allergenic bandage for a period of several days. It is our belief that the formula will not cause a skin reaction (other than a normal reaction to the covering bandage or Band-Aid) if there are no non-typical cells present on or under the skin surface.

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The CC Treatment is a natural method of providing ionized minerals to the skin. It is available globally in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. The science belongs to the people of the free world whom personalize its use. Every case is unique, you should not expect to experience these same results. The copy on this site represents research, opinion, theory, and freedom of speech. The CC Treatment is a combination of therapies complementing what may or may not be allowed in a particular country, geographic location, or regulated belief structure.

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