Is there any pain or discomfort involved with the use of this formula?

While many users experience no discomfort, the risk of discomfort or moderate pain for three (3) or more days, due to the use of the formula, is possible, depending on the severity of the affliction of mutated cells present in the skin or body. A few Subjects have experienced extreme pain however there is limited experience with all types of diseases and severe pain may only be typical with certain diseases.

Subjects have experienced “itchiness” for the first ten to thirty (10-30) minutes after application and have experienced ulcerations and moderate to severe pain where tumors have come through the skin to be expelled. In most cases, the tumors have left no noticeable scars. The science and observations lead to the conclusion that the dead cells are typically expelled by the body, either in urine or feces with other body waste.

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The CC Treatment is a natural method of providing ionized minerals to the skin. It is available globally in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath. The science belongs to the people of the free world whom personalize its use. Every case is unique, you should not expect to experience these same results. The copy on this site represents research, opinion, theory and freedom of speech. The CC Treatment is a combination of therapies complementing what may or may not be allowed in a particular country, geographic location or regulated belief structure.

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