It May or May not be Skin Cancer - Surgery or Naturally

The CC Formula is an amazing cream. I had a thumbnail-sized, ugly brown blotch on my left cheek.

I tried many salves and creams. I was told by my Doctor that it may be skin cancer and that it would have to be surgically removed and then tested. It was deep and the surgery would leave a conspicuous hole and scar.

At the point of giving in, I heard about the CC Treatment, by word-of-mouth, from a business associate.

Within three weeks the crusty ugliness gradually disappeared. Completely.

It stings slightly when applied. Tells you it's doing something. Applied three times daily. I have always been prone to worry-some skin cancer since childhood. Now, approaching 80, I'm glad I held out against the surgery. I hope my testimony will help others. Word of mouth was reliable.

Thanks much for your product!

Bill, a senior from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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