Colon Cancer Treatment Testimonial Using The CC Treatment

Cancer Treatment Testimonial

Colon Cancer Treatment Testimonial With The CC Formula

Colon cancer treatment testimonial with the CC Formula
Terry Hines

My name is Terry Hines. I started this incredible journey with the treatment on the 28th of July, 2012.

I was notified by my doctor that I was scheduled for a colonoscopy on the 22nd of February, 2012.

I underwent the colonoscopy and the doctors then discovered that I had a mass on the descending part of my colon. A biopsy was taken from the mass and on the 2nd of March 2012, I was told that the mass was indeed malignant.

I was then scheduled to have the tumor removed on the 9th of March. The surgery went as planned.

The tumor was removed; however, a sample of 21 nodes revealed that two of those nodes were cancerous. The cancer was in my lymph nodes.

I began the process of chemotherapy on the 14th of April, 2012. I went through 2 rounds of chemotherapy and it was during the second round of chemotherapy, that my body totally rejected the chemotherapy and I was left in the hospital with excessive fluid damaging my body. A debate between the General Medicine doctors and the Oncologist began to develop and no one wanted to claim responsibility for my present sickness. That is when I decided no more chemotherapy for me.

I received a phone call from a close friend Abraham Boldt, who told me that he may have a solution for my colon cancer. We later scheduled a meeting and I was given more information about the treatment.

I received my first application of the formula on the 28th of July. I was shown how to apply the lotion and to what areas of my body. The first thing that I noticed was that three days after applying the lotion, three times a day, my urine changed to a creamy color. My fecal matter had turned a light tan color.

I was foretold to look for those signs. I also noticed that both of my knees were not in extreme pain anymore. I was taking 2000 mg of hydro codeine daily to deal with the pain from my debilitating knees.

The lotion reduced the pain significantly and also improved my flexibility. It also reduced the swelling in both of my knees.

The second thing that I noticed was that it greatly began to heal a burned patch of skin on my right calf.

I had received third-degree burns on the calf when I was nine years old. The burn left an ugly scar on my leg that began to chaff and itch. I applied the lotion to the calf and a week later I noticed that the burned area was getting smaller. I thought that I was mistaken at first, but after a second closer inspection, I found that there was new skin growth.

The third phenomenal thing that I noticed was that my energy level was increasing. I began to feel like my energetic self again. I developed two distinct sores that appeared on my stomach in the same area where I had the colon resection. I was told that these sores are the result of the cancer being pushed out of my body. The sores developed into scabs and I peeled them off. As I mentioned before, this was another exit for cancer. I am so thrilled with this product and I thank God that I am a part of the MODI Team.

I am scheduled to have a blood lab drawn on the 23rd of August, 2012. I will record the results in the next paragraph. At this time, August 16, 2012, I am beginning to feel the fatigue side effects of the cream.

I am out of bed in the morning by 7:00 am at the latest. Yesterday, I sleep until 12:00 pm which is unheard of for me. I was also told that this is part of the healing process. I am not going to fight the fatigue. I will just get through it. My taste buds are changing for the better and I have a craving for green food and lots of water.

The blood test that I had, included a lot of different peripherals which the CEA test is the most important one for me. The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) test is used to find how widespread cancer is for some types of the disease, especially colon cancer. The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) test measures the amount of this protein that may appear in the blood of some people who have certain kinds of cancers, especially large intestine (colon and rectal) cancer.

My count at the beginning of the colon operation was 5.94, which was on March 9th, 2012. I was on chemo for April and May. My body totally rejected the second round of chemo and began to shut down. Excessive fluid began to spill into my spleen and the situation became critical.

The oncologist department decided to take me off of chemo for a couple of months until they could make their adjustment. I decided that I had enough of their games. My good friend Abraham called and began to explain that he had a product that may work for me. As I mentioned earlier, I signed the necessary documents and began taking the cream at the end of July 2012.

I had another blood test conducted in November 2012, and my CEA counts were down to 3.6! This is great news. My oncologist informed me that when the count reaches 3 it is the same as any normal person. When the CEA counts reach below 3, cancer is no longer detectable in the blood.

At this present date of January 2, 2013, I had another blood test and my CEA counts will be revealed to me on the 9th when I meet with my Primary Care Doctor. I have noticed that since I’ve started the new lotion as of November 12th, 2012, I have had skin outbreaks on both sides of my neck and both elbow.

The fatigue has increased, and the burning sensation lasts for approximately thirty minutes. I have increased amounts of greens in my diet and my water intake has also doubled. If you are wondering this is all good news!

For more information about the CC Treatment, please fill out the Inquiry Form, we will contact you the soon as possible.

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