I Beat Stage IV Melanoma Cancer Using the CC Treatment

Melanoma Cancer Testimonial

I Beat Stage IV Melanoma Cancer Using the CC Treatment

Stage IV Melanoma Cancer Using the CC Treatment

I first noticed a brown colored callus on the ball of my left foot in 11/2010. I treated it as a callus until Feb. of 2011, just after my mother passed away on Feb, 5th.

I was referred to a podiatrist from my primary Doctor on 2/28/2011.

The podiatrist (whom I will not mention) only took x-rays of my left foot. He determined I had a “bone drop” on the 2nd toe. The doctor said surgery would be needed to correct the problem.

His surgical diagnosis was that I needed a “dorsal wedged osteotomy” to correct the problem.

I was fitted and treated by him to use (unnecessarily) some orthotic inserts. Long term use of them irritated the problem. The problem steadily became worse to the point of using a cane and progressed to using my mother’s power chair. The problem became unbearable!!

By Oct. 2011, the callous became ulcerated and looked like a very bad infection. The podiatrist treated it with antibiotics for a week. No Change. He then scheduled a biopsy to determine what the problem really was in early Nov. 2011. The biopsy performed removed a very large tumor and was sent to pathology. 2 days later, the podiatrist informed me that I had “malignant melanoma!!” I was speechless!!

CCT Steve Testimonial - Stage IV Melanoma Cancer

A PET/CT scan was scheduled mid-Nov. 2011 and performed. They scheduled an appointment with an oncologist from Cancer Care Northwest in Spokane, Wa., for further examinations and PET/CT Results, at the end of Nov. 2011. My left foot was “supposedly healing” determined by the Podiatrist, but was later determined by the surgical oncologist that necrosis was present, and it had a slight odor to it.

Also, the PET/CT determined that cancer was still present in the left foot around the tumor site and a couple of inguinal lymph nodes in the left groin area showed activity.

The surgical oncologist determined on the spot, from all the conditions, I needed to enter the hospital, immediately! I registered myself in Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Wa. The next day, at the end of Nov. 2011, an ultrasound and biopsy were performed on the left groin area and submitted to pathology.

The day after that, the first part of Dec. 2011, a “new” hospital podiatrist (Dr. Kevin Dow) did an MRI of my left foot and determined that cancer did not reach the bones. He scheduled surgery to attempt to save my left foot, on Sunday, the next morning.

After removing more extensive cancer in the area, it was sent to pathology.

One week later, the results were determined by pathology, that my lymph nodes and left foot still showed positive for cancer. Surgery for both the lymph nodes and a partial amputation of my left foot was performed shortly after the results were determined. The surgeries and recovery room time was a full 12 hours long!! I had about a full month stay at the hospital and was finally released, Christmas Eve of 2011.

During the month of January 2012, I remained home for continued recovery. On January 22nd, 2012, a benefit was held for me at a local night club to raise money for medical bills. That was a very successful and emotional night for me!! Many musicians, family, and friends attended the benefit!! The amount they raised for me was quite humbling and generous!! About a week after this, I received a phone call from a friend named Dave. He told me he had something I might be interested in trying that was being used by others to fight cancer!!.

All the Doctors had to offer was “interferon”, “chemo”, “immunotherapies”, including new approaches called “ipilimumab” treatments. I took all of the info from all of these sources and the CC Treatment/cream was the best and safest approach offered, in my opinion, even though it was taking a “major risk!!”

Craig Wells was the greatest testimony example that convinced my decision to use the CC Treatment.

I started using the CC Formula on Jan 31st, 2012. I used it twice a day and very liberally for the next 2 months. I applied it from the “top of my head to the souls of my feet!!” But, mostly in strategic places like my left foot, where the tumor was first discovered, the groin area, under the armpits, chest, stomach, back, and back of the neck. And, also, some on the inside of my forearms. (I discovered a small lump on the back of my upper right thigh and treated that, too!!) I did this routine, continually, for a few months before my next PET/CT Scan.

Unfortunately, the next scan showed activity in the abdominal area in the “Iliac” lymph nodes on the left side. Also, the lump, that was previously mentioned, was also discovered by the scan, on the back of my right thigh but, they were not sure what that was, yet, at the time. Surgery was scheduled at the end of March 2012, to remove the suspected “active” lymph nodes. That resulted in a week's stay in the hospital.

Pathology reports came back saying that the “active” lymph node had no cancer present but, a node slightly above it showed microscopic amounts present. Both lymph nodes were removed. For the next 3 months, I continued the same routine with the CC Formula/cream until my next scheduled PET/CT scan.

In June of 2012, I did another PET/CT scan and the mysterious lump in my right leg showed to have grown slightly. They were fairly convinced that this was consistent with a cancerous tumor.

Finally, an ultrasound was scheduled but, no biopsy was done at the recommendation of a melanoma specialist, that I saw during this period, in Seattle, Wa., (Dr. Kim Margolin) from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. At first, they offered to take the tumor (if that is what it was?) and use it for new experimental treatments they were just beginning to develop. Unfortunately, that was too cumbersome of a process to go through so, I decided to have the lump removed in Spokane, Wa., by my normal surgeon (Dr. Byron Wright).

After an outpatient surgery to remove the lump in my right thigh, which happened in early July of 2012, it was sent to pathology for examination. The results were once again, cancer. however, this time, it was discovered that the tumor had “extensive necrosis” present in the tumor…. So, it was essentially dead!! That was my first sign of “hope” that the cream, was really working!!

The healing time after the removal of the tumor in my right thigh was the longest!! It took 3 months of intense daily redressing of the wound, by my sister Nancy, before it was completely healed. I continued my daily treatments with the cream, twice a day!! During this healing period, I was scheduled for another PET/CT scan on Sept 28, 2012. This was a “pinnacle” turning point!! The results of the scan showed, “NED” (No Evidence of Disease!!). That was the most exciting news, I had ever received, up to this point!!!... A very emotional relief!!

I continued to use the CC Formula twice daily, as usual, for the next 3 months until my last scan was done on Dec 31st, 2012 (New Year's Eve!!). The results, once again, showed no evidence of disease!! That was a night to remember and I had an “enormous celebration” that night!!... It couldn’t have been better news!!

Since then, my insurance was pulled from me being a high-risk patient!! But, I continued to use the CC Formula, twice a day! I have had no more PET/CT scans, since, at the advice of very well and “internationally” known and respected holistic doctors!! (one of them was Doctor Joel Wallach, the author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”). I have, however, continued seeing my primary doctor and have had successful blood tests since then. No alarming data has been on any of these reports, since!!

An added bonus to using the CC Formula/cream and change of diet, has kept my diabetes at a reasonable pre-diabetic status. My blood A1C has been, on average, 6.0, and the best has been 5.6.

Here are my diet and supplemental changes during recovery to present.

At the same time that I started using the CC Formula, I changed my eating habits drastically and immediately. I started a form of juicing (changed to a smoothie type approach using the “Nutribullet” Blender) and started using supplements to increase my Immune System Power!! The food content basically consisted of many dark green vegetables, but very limited fruit and organic proteins, along with vitamins and herbs.

The vegetables primarily consisted of the following: juiced from “greens” such as kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, celery, green pepper, and broccoli. Other juiced vegetables accompanying the greens: carrots, cherry or grape tomatoes, and a small number of blueberries.

Breakfast: Some coffee, 1 to 2 range free eggs (organic, if possible, usually hard-boiled or made into deviled eggs), uncured bacon, sautéed cremini mushrooms, and some cinnamon raisin toast, with a glass of my juice/smoothie mixture.

Lunch: Juice/Smoothie mixture, chicken salad mixture (with cranberry, celery, and a bit of mayo, mixed in with a small amount of spinach and sour cream dip (both products of “Trader Joes” foods). Sometimes slices of chicken. (I’ve experimented with other food types, like various Salads and foods containing no additives or preservatives, as much as possible!!)

Dinner: Not too many items at first. Snacking mostly on almonds, cashews, peanuts, and “very” small amounts of naturally Semi-sweetened chocolate chips (made with cane sugar) added to the nut mixture. A little repeat of some of my lunch ingredients. An occasional full meal with organic red meats, chicken, fish and vegetables, and sometimes nothing at all.

The added bonus to this diet change approach, allowed me to lose a considerable amount of body fat.

Approximately, 50 lbs.!!

Additional Health Approaches

Another useful thing I have been using, along with most of the meals and separately, is bottled water, 2 on average a day, with drops of “35% food grade hydrogen peroxide”, added to them. I started with approximately, 12 drops in each bottle during the most critical time of cancer. I have reduced it to an average of 6 drops per bottle, 2 times a day, after around a year and a half with this quantity.

The hydrogen peroxide approach was based on information I heard from a few people, and had read about a few years before, called “the one minute cure”. This has been very helpful, as well, as to the way it delivers oxygen to the cells.

This is pretty much what my daily routine has been like. I hope this information is suitable enough to use for others that are suffering from the type of cancer I had to go through!! My approach with the incredible discovery developed by John is nothing short of a gift from God to all of us, I would “HIGHLY” recommend this treatment over most of the traditional approaches that have been used in this country for so many years!!!

I just want to help others have the same opportunity I was so “graciously” given to become healthy, happy, and “ALIVE” again!!

I pray that my testimony will “inspire and encourage” several others who are now faced with the “spiritual, physical and emotionally devastating” news, (that I personally went through!!) that they have developed a “serious cancer!!”

I believe the CC treatment is a life saving and healthy solution for many precious souls!!

May God’s blessings be with you and others who are involved in this fantastic product!!

Thanks for helping me and others take a chance and LIVE!!

Stephen E. Springer
Spokane, Wa

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