MRSA Leg Infection Treatment

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

MRSA Leg Infection Treatment With The CC Formula

MRSA subject Jack Kilby was told, by his doctors, that he would die if they did not remove his leg.

June 5/12: Applied the first application of the formula.

June 7/12: Headache over my right eye. A lot of fluid being drawn out of lesion. Change bandage 2 times a day. Bandage as soaked with the fluid running down my leg; the pain has increased in areas of my leg.

June 10/12: Pain is almost unbearable. Large thick 2” long piece of pus came out of the lesion.

MRSA Leg Infection Treatment With The CC Formula

June 15/12

MRSA Leg Infection Treatment With The CC Formula

June 18/12: Bright red rash appeared on my upper right thigh very itchy lesion still following thick fluid.

MRSA Leg Infection Treatment With The CC Formula

June 20/12

MRSA Leg Infection Treatment With The CC Formula

June 25/12: I am still using a walker to get around red rash starting to disappear. Still have lots of pain.

June 30/12: Several small lesions have appeared on my leg applied the cream to them.

July 8/12: Have noticed a change in my skin texture. The skins on my feet are not cracking and the rash on my toes is disappearing. My teeth and gums are not hurting, fluid still coming from my knee. The small lesions have healed.

July 15/12: The pain seems to have settled in the knee. There is a little more blood in the fluid now. The lesion has reduced in size from what it was.

July 20/12: The fluid is a lighter color and runnier.

July 30/12: Not much change

Aug 15/12: Fluid still about the same 2 new sores appeared on my knee applied the formula to them.

Aug 25/12: The 2 sores are scabbed over and no fluid. The main sore is a little smaller.

Sept 5/12: Pain is from shin bone ankle it moves around, sore definitely. Sore is smaller fluid seems to come out when I walk pain comes and goes.

Sept 25/12: Aches and pain through my whole body could not walk.

Sept 29/12: Most of the pain is gone feel much better.

Oct 5/12: Another small blister appeared on side of my knee used the cream on it.

Oct 10/12: New blister pretty well healed only changing bandage once per day.

Oct 20/12: Leg feeling much better. Overnight I just put on a small bandage as there is very little fluid comes out.

Oct 25/12: Health-wise I feel great. The sore is trying hard to heal itself.

Nov 1/12: Sore is healing very well. The opening is closing up quite noticeably.

Nov 10/12: Pain has dropped considerably.

Nov 22/12: I am very happy to say that the opening is looking very good and my pain is down so that I now use a cane to walk.

May tomorrow be a better day than today.

Jack Kilby

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