Squamous Cell Carcinoma Gone in 60 days with the CC Treatment

The CC Treatment

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Gone in 60 days

Squamous Cell Carcinoma over the eyebrow

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Over The Eyebrow

In January of 2015, I had a biopsy on my left eyebrow area and the results came back as Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Surgery was scheduled.

The surgery was to remove my left eyebrow and the area around it until clear margins were found.

A skin graft to cover the open area left by the cutting away of the cancerous tissue would be a part of the procedure.

While waiting for approval from my insurance company for the surgery I returned to my home in Mexico.

A friend of mine knew of a safe cream that eliminates abnormal cells from the body.

He suggested that I had nothing to lose by trying it while I was waiting for the insurance approval.

I agreed with that assessment. I used the CC Formula which binds and kills abnormal cells and eliminates them via the body's own immune system, for 2 months. At that time I put the cream not only on the cancerous area but on my whole forehead. The only skin to react to the cream was the cancerous area. That area became very raw and sore, as I was told that it would. It eventually scabbed over and when the scab fell away clear soft skin was left where cancer had been and no scarring.

To keep a continuity of care

I went back to the same "dermatology specialists" in Oceanside, California to have a second biopsy. Dr. Wong was in the surgical suite to greet me. He was expecting to do the surgery. I told him about using the cream and that I believed that cancer had been eliminated and that I wanted another biopsy to confirm my beliefs before I would submit to the surgery.

He examined my forehead and said that he didn't see where I wanted the biopsy done! With magnification, I asked him to cut next to the previous biopsy cut mark and so that is what he did.

I wanted the same lab to be used for testing so that no one could question the continuity of care.

The results came back as I knew they would as NO MALIGNANCY FOUND!

I have scanned the documents for you to read and would be happy to talk with you about this cream if you have any questions. The first picture is before any treatment.


Melinda Morgan
Washington State, USA
Retired from Boeing, living in beautiful Mexico

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