The CC Formula in Non-clinical Trials

The developer believes that its formula is able to transport highly available minerals to target cancers or any kind of mutated cell and kill only those mutated cells, leaving the healthy normal cells surrounding the disease functioning without disruption.  Further, a sheath of bacterial cells (also non-Krebs cycle) often surrounds a cancerous mass of cells. The minerals will penetrate and kill the bacterial cells in this shield that has protected cancer within from detection by the immune system, and destroy that sheath. The mass of cancer cells is then exposed to the immune system — hopefully a strong immune system — which will then join in to destroy the exposed cancer cells as well.

The most common anti-cancer drug therapies typically address cancers within a specific organ as a single disease as opposed to treating cancer as a collection of different disease subtypes, often resulting in poor response rates with a minimal effect on overall survival. The oncology community is increasingly recognizing that tumors in a particular organ have unique pathologic and molecular characteristics that may warrant different treatment strategies.

CC Formula is unique in that our non-clinical trials indicate that, with a diseased subject’s CC Treatment, varying demonstrable reactions give visual evidence that the disease is being eliminated from the subject’s body while treatment on healthy individuals showed no reaction whatsoever.