What kinds of reactions might I expect?

If you have a condition which involves the structure and/or the function of cells either on or beneath your dermal layers or a viral or bacterial infection (“maximum treatment”), then, in addition to the many side effects that are expected or possible with any prescription or nonprescription therapies that you are using.

The use of this formula may produce one or more of the following “expected” reactions; redness or discolored skin, skin crusting resulting in temporary scabbing, flaking and/or peeling of the skin, small black and/or red “pinpoint” spots on the treated or other areas (some with white halos around them), stinging, itching and/or scabbing of the skin, skin nodules of various sizes colors, extreme or mild fatigue (depending upon seriousness of condition, age and strength of the immune system), bowel and/or urine incontinence, white cloudy material in urine and/or stools, itchy foot bottoms, unusual body and/or stool/urine odors, a metallic taste in the mouth, flu like symptoms and sensitivity to direct sunlight.

Other reactions may include; manageable to severe pain. All of these conditions should resolve themselves with no residual effect or scarring. If you are taking prescription drugs, read the information which accompanied those drugs to ensure that there are no contraindications of the ingredients, listed below, to those drugs; if in doubt, ask your doctor/caregiver or pharmacologist.

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The CC Treatment is a natural method of providing ionized minerals to the skin. It is available globally in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath. The science belongs to the people of the free world whom personalize its use. Every case is unique, you should not expect to experience these same results. The copy on this site represents research, opinion, theory and freedom of speech. The CC Treatment is a combination of therapies complementing what may or may not be allowed in a particular country, geographic location or regulated belief structure.

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