Cancer Cell Treatment and The CC Formula

This cancer cell treatment uses a cream-based formula that destroys toxic cells produced by illness. This US patented science eradicates abnormal cells with the help of the body’s immune system, leaving behind only healthy cells. This cancer cell treatment does not cure disease, it destroys the dead cells that result from the disease.

The CC Formula does not target any particular disease; it seeks all disease-carrying or disease-prone cells. The cream-based formula administers minerals to the cells directly through the skin’s dermal layers, no ingestion, or injections. These minerals are absorbed in lethal amounts by the diseased cells causing their death. The healthy cells absorb these essential minerals in therapeutic amounts with no adverse effects.

This cancer cell treatment is an alternative, adjunctive treatment option. It is not meant to stand alone or replace medical protocols in a user’s plan of care. Alternative treatments have long been considered effective in a multi-pronged approach to care.

The CC Formula has not been approved by the FDA. The process for approval is lengthy in time and costs. The developer is conducting pre-clinical work on the formula, which is required prior to filing an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA in the US or in other countries. The CC Formula is available for sale. Complete this inquiry form to get more information on its availability near you.  If you have cancer or know someone who does, this discovery can be a compliment to any existing treatment plan.

General information about this new development in cancer cell treatments and the treatment of other medical conditions is available on this informative website. The CC Treatment Network provides individuals with an open and transparent platform for information and networking capability. A treatment facilitator is available to assist in the acquisition of details, answers to questions, discuss concerns and provide advisory assistance for the development of a treatment plan using the Cancer Cell Treatment. The CC Formula is available for purchase from an authorized CCT Facilitator or through the network of approved retailers.

Advisors who have used the formula in their own treatment plans are available for consultation on a fee for service option. Policies, user agreements, and other important information are accessed through the on-line CCT Support Network. The CCT Support Network provides a patient-centered site for information and support on the use of the CC Formula.

Your customized treatment plan can be developed by you, your existing care providers, in conjunction with other treatments or with the help of paid advisors specializing in your specific needs. The CCT Support Network creates a patient-centered collaboration of information to administer the developed treatment plan and desired outcome.

Support personnel guide you and your collaborators with the help of paid advisors to assist in the implementation of the Treatment Plan. The success of overcoming any disease is related to the communication of all the parties involved. A collaboration of family, physicians, specialists, and records is important in obtaining the desired outcome.