Treating Diseases Using The CC Formula

The CC Formula Mode of Action

– A short explanation of a very technical formula –

Mode of action the cc formula.

We use a unique delivery system that moves minerals, such as Zinc and Copper, through the epidermal layers across semi-permeable membranes very quickly to immediately be absorbed by diseased or healthy tissues at very low concentrations.

The Krebs cycle is a charting of the metabolic pathways that healthy plant or animal cells must follow to perform all functions supporting life.

The importance of the Krebs cycle is that it produces ATP, the high-energy molecule plants and animals need to power every function they perform.

When cells are unhealthy or struggling to fight disease, however, their metabolic pathways are often disrupted. This can lead to a decrease in the production of ATP, which can severely impair the cell's ability to function properly.

There are approximately thirty-two (32) steps in the process. The steps allow healthy cells to expel excessive amounts of toxic materials continuously, including minerals and other nutrients unless totally over-whelmed.

The first eight steps of the Krebs cycle are known as the preparatory phase because they prepare the way for the following energy-releasing phase.

In the energy-releasing phase, electrons are stripped from specific molecules and transferred to a final electron acceptor. This acceptor can be either molecular oxygen (O2) or something else, such as nitrate (NO3-).

The energy released in this process is used to pump protons across a membrane. This proton gradient is used to generate ATP through chemiosmosis.

In the final stage of the Krebs cycle, the products of the energy-releasing phase are recycled back to the preparatory phase.

Diseased and/or mutated cells (such as cancer cells) do not follow the Krebs cycle. Rather they follow an alternative metabolic cycle with only about eighteen (18) steps and absorb all foods (particularly sugars).

The diseased cells will also take up excessive amounts of minerals such as Zinc and Copper (in our formulation) in amounts that are toxic to them, causing the diseased cells to die. The surrounding healthy tissues (following the Krebs cycle’s 32 steps) take up only the amounts of Zinc and Copper needed to function and excrete the excess minerals.

The result is that diseased cells are selectively targeted and killed while healthy cells are spared. This process is known as “selective toxicity”.

Following the Krebs 32 steps versus the 18 steps that cancer and other diseases follow saves normal healthy tissue while killing the diseased cells. This is the unique advantage of treating diseases using the CC Formula. The mode of action of the CC Formula is to deliver toxic levels of minerals, such as Zinc and Copper, to diseased cells which disrupt the Krebs cycle and cause the cells to die.

The mode of action of the CC Formula has also been shown to:

-Inhibit the ability of cancer cells to metastasize (spread).

-Reduce inflammation.

-Stimulate the immune system.

-Promote healthy cell growth and regeneration.

In summary, we are able to transport our highly available Zinc and Copper to our target diseased cells (including cancer cells) and kill ONLY the diseased cells, leaving the healthy normal cells surrounding them functioning without disruption.

Further, a sheath of bacterial cells (also non-Krebs cycle) often surrounds a mass of mutated cells. The highly bio-available Zinc and Copper will penetrate and kill the bacterial cells in this shield. The mass of mutated cells are then exposed to the immune system and are destroyed.

This is an uncomplicated explanation of a highly complex system that was very difficult to develop. It took many years of study to devise a strategy that is efficacious and easy to apply. My hopes and dreams are that it will save many people afflicted by several terrible diseases.

How was this formula developed?

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