Prostate Cancer Testimonial by Craig Wells

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Prostate Cancer Testimonial by Craig Wells

Over the past few months, it had become increasingly more difficult to avoid and I was sure it had to do with having the flu.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial by Craig Wells With The CC Treatment

Sunday, May 14th was the beginning of three days of hell.

It became impossible for me to urinate and finally, on Tuesday morning my wife drove me to the Wyoming County Hospital ER (in Western, NY).

The staff quickly administered a foley catheter and I was relieved of 5 quarts of urine. They then said, "you've got to go by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital up in Rochester, NY." (Strong's has the outstanding ability with emergency cases such as mine). I arrived about midnight and by the time I got settled in I had renal shutdown, a mild heart attack, an enlarged prostate, a fever, and a foley catheter.

The next day was spent trying to get me to get stable, but it just wasn't happening, it was to no avail and I was therefore scheduled for surgery. The operation left me with bladder sores and bleeding.

So for the next ten days, I was in the intensive care unit, checked every 2-4 hours for vital signs and they flushed my kidneys and the bladder day and night with sodium hydroxide and I was supposed to have died when I was on the operating table several times. They brought me back, I had three blood transfusions.

And all I can say is, by the grace of God, I lived through it, I lived through it all, and I ended up going home with a catheter and a lot of prescriptions.

The Sentence

My next appointment with the urologist, Dr. Robert Davis, at the University of Rochester - Medical School resulted in removing the catheter but with no luck getting the voiding to work. Next scheduled a biopsy of the prostate. The urologist took 12 specimens and results were, (as he said "you're an A student") it's 12 for 12 positives. Of course positive meant I had cancer, it had metastasized and on the Gleason scale of 1-10, where you try to be somewhere around 4 or 5, it was close to 9 and some of them more.

He said this was "extremely serious Craig". Clearly the tumor had surrounded the prostate, it had metastasized and hopefully, it hadn't gone anywhere. However...wrong.

After CAT scans, bone scans, and X-rays it was clear that cancer had spread everywhere including the bones, the lymph nodes, all through my body. My wife and I visited the family practitioner that I went to.

He read the reports and we were told, by him, to get our affairs in order, get Carolee, my wife, get her a power of attorney, and to say goodbye to my family and friends, as I'd probably not even make it for a month or two.

The Phone Call

It was at this point in time that I called my friend Patrick, I said: "Pat, I've got a serious problem here." And he said "you know my brother, has been researching a potential cancer treatment for the past 10+ years" and although it was experimental and not registered by the FDA, that he would send me the formula ASAP and he said, "I think you may have a chance of helping you out."

I received the topical cream and began treatment soon after. I signed informed consent and agreement (because they do not charge for the formula or their time in the follow-ups), as per the directions, I applied the formula twice daily to my prostate area. I did not have a great deal of confidence in the result and the Kennedy's were cautious not to raise my hopes too high, so I scheduled a second opinion in Florida with a group of medical doctors down there in the Sarasota Area.

I bought a one-way ticket because I really did not expect to make it home to our farm in western NY.

The Florida urology group ordered a multitude of tests including blood samples to check the PSA, some scans, and then see what we can go do from there. I actually was running at 600, 700, and the last test I had on the PSA was 831 out of a possible 1,000 scale (I was just plain off the charts). Dr. William Tingle, my urologist in Florida, recommended bone strengtheners and to continue receiving hormone treatment, I didn't mention the formula or any of my cream treatments to him.

The Hope

I was still carrying my urine bag and began to notice that the urine had developed a cloudy (white) aspect to it. I ran out of the formula and noticed that the cloudy substance no longer appeared.

After an application, the cloudy substance began again and it was obvious to me that the cream was working. Several days later I was scheduled for a new PSA test at the cancer lab at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. To everyone's surprise, especially my own, the test came back at 46! Now, remember, it was at 831, two weeks later, it's back at 46. I haven't had chemotherapy, I didn't have radiation and of course, I didn't have any kind of radical surgery for cancer removal.

During the next 2 week period I noticed that over 30 small red spots appeared all over different parts of my body, I asked Pat if he knew what they were and he said to "treat them as if they are (and probably were) cancer markers"

Now everything had changed, my life expectancy had jumped from months to 1 to 2 years or even more and everyone was wondering what in the world was going on with Craig Wells. I had told the first doctor that I was going to try a topical paste that was a combination of minerals, no chemicals, minerals, and that was generally regarded as safe and he just kind of shook his head, patted me on the shoulder and walked away.

I never mentioned it to the Florida doctors as none of them seemed to have any interest in the formula.

I was released due to my new readings and I went to the airport to standby. I bought a ticket on the airplane to return flight (as you know I didn't have a return flight) and I flew back home to my wife and to my farm in western New York.

The Result

I continued on with the formula, twice a day, and recently (the first week in Sept.) I went to the oncologist/radiologist at Strong's M.H. and guess what? The PSA is now down between 5 to 7.

The bone cancer is in remission, hasn't gone anywhere, along with no signs of cancer in the lymph node, lungs, organs, or the blood.

The doctors in NY have no explanation of how this cure was managed and of course, the question is, how in the world could this happen? I was saturated with lethal cancer cells everywhere, I had no chemo, I had no radiation or operation and now they're gone.

Thank you, Patrick, and especially John, from the bottom of my heart.

A life worth saving, help us to save more.

By Craig Wells, December 2011

Florida, USA

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